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Greetings on crossroads

The keresztuton.hu (on crossroads in English) is a website dedicated to Christian mental health counseling as a mini resource-portal.
In my professional practice I see people regularly who are on crossroads in various ways. As individuals we tend to stuggle through difficult times with our own mental and emotional resources we bring from home or learn along the way. However these coping tools may fall short of our true needs.
If you live in the greater Budapest area and looking for an English speaking Christian mental health professional, feel free to look around here to find further info about services and about various topics relevant to Christian counseling today.
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Self-awarness stuff

Reading religious books

Our mind needs spiritual fuel. However, it does matter what you put in your fuel tank! How to select what is right for you from so many books? It may appear to be difficult, but the grounds of Christian spirituality is still the Bible, therefore I challenge you to read the New Testement 4-5 times continously with an open heart for a few weeks as your single source of spiritual fuel, you may be suprised to notice the wisdom by which you begin to select what directions to take with your reading.

Additional resources

Human-service MH portal

Corporate counseling and training services with a mental health outlook.

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Christian local blog in English

Stories and spiritual readings as you go! The author takes a Catholic perpective on things in life.

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Film therapy

It is popular to watch movies with firends. When you watch one next time, take a Christian point of view in your analysis and make aware how Christ would view the plot and what he would do!

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Popular topics

Choosing a path?
What way do I envision to serve God on the long run?
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How do I find a good therapist?
Tips to find the right counselor for you.
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Personal relationship with God?
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