What path to take..?

"Christian thinking is always positive.
Positive thinking is not always Christian."

In the world today, we think of careers in a set timeframe. This means that we choose a professional area that we intend to work for a few years (e.g.: 1-10 years.) The tendency in these days is, that we do change careers more than the previous generations. Up to the 1980s people were more restrictive and focused on one particular profession in which they planned to work for a really long time (often for a lifetime.) When we engage in the formal thinking we deny one central way of looking at the world and yourself in it. The Christian way of thinking would rather begin with an investigation deep in the soul what the Lord is calling you to do with your life (what he envisioned for you, knowing and trusting Him that the best career alternative has already been chosen for you.) Should you choose a monastic life, or get married/establish a family? If one or the other, you can always ask Christ to lead you. Keep in mind if you follow Christ, you are on the narrow path that moves you closer to Him leading to iternal life you were once invited for.