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Faith and counseling psychology

In the last 60 years particularly, it has been pointed out in social sciences, that beside mind and body there is also a strong spiritual aspect of the human psyche. We seek to understand the world around us not only horizontally, but in a vertical frame as well. People holding religious beliefs have a sense that there is more to life than just the current physical existence. Some argue, however, that psychology and religion (and theology specifically) has nothing in common. They should be separated and treated within its own contexts. In my personal view the Bible is a living scripture - that talks to us in unexplainable ways. It speaks to our mind and soul in the same time as God wills it to reveal himself to us on his own terms in a very gentle way. Scripture transmits guidelines for over two millenniums to how to live an honest, virtuous and transparent life, how to rid ourselves from the false self and insist to God's reality (truth and righteousness.) See some interesting scientific articles below, from various aspects of Christian faith and its relationship to psychology.