Online counseling

Online mental health counseling is a popular new way of establishing therapeutic relationship. I provide English speaking Christian faith based confidential counseling via Skype. Setting an appointment is easy. Just send me a request of timeslot and a short description what you are looking for. Please, note that the availability of timeslots may be reserved for other clients therefore I kindly ask you suggest 2-3 alternatives for our initial meeting that would work for you. In online counseling a session lasts for 60 minutes and fees are paid in advance. Once you set an appointment, that specific timeslot will be reserved for you. Fees should be transferred before the session begins.

In order to have a sufficient service, you need the followings:

  • High speed internet connection (possibly 3G/4G) (for good video connection)
  • Microphone, speakers/earphone and a webcam (some of these equipments may be integrated in your computer/laptop/smart phone)
  • A quiet setting (a room where you feel safe and you can talk without disturbance)

Contact info

Tel: (06) 30-386-9898
Fax: (1) 397-1775
Skype: keresztuton

Online service hours

From Monday to Friday
Between 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
European standard time zone

During off hours services may also be available for a double standard fee